new beginnings

I wake up every day excited for a new beginning.  That doesn’t mean that my yesterday was bad, it could have been my best day ever, but I want to do better.   Better for me, better for my family, for my friends and neighbors, co-workers, loved ones and just for the people that I will run into through out my day.  I want to be the best person that I can be and spread that hope onto others.

This is tough sometimes.  We have a lot going on out there.  And on top of all of our own thoughts, we start talking to others and they tell us of all of their going ons and then we get in our car and heaven forbid we listen to the news report ~ there is traffic and then there is that really bad song that comes on the radio.  So we fumble to find our plug in to get our favorite Pandora station going.  Ahhhhhh….meditation station please. However, Siri thinks we have asked for the nearest gas station.  Pretty soon, we are in prayer again and we just left prayer.  Is prayer a constant these days?  Should I just result to permanent prayer time?  What happened to when I was 10 and it was a good 5min in the morning and a big chunk of 10min after TV at night?  Are we up to 15hrs a day now?    I mean, if that’s what it takes, I will give it a gallant effort.   However, I do not feel that we have come to that.

I see goodness out there.  And I am spreading it.  I am sending love and peace and thankfulness ~ to all the mini vans out there and little ladies still writing checks at the grocery store.   For one, the mini vans make me think of my 3 little nieces that were so tiny and new and how my sister carried them all over Atlanta in that amazing vehicle, and to the check writing ladies, I adore you.  My mom ~ sweetest mom a girl could have ~ she always took her little check book out at the grocery store and signed her signature so pretty.  It’s funny what will bring back the warmest memories.

So, as I am about to lay my head down for another night of rest.  I will once again count my blessings.  It will take much longer than a chunk of 10min, and I am thankful for that.  And in the morning, I will wake up to a beautiful, bright and new day full of new blessings to come.   I will continue to put good things into the world, and for that, I will be happy.

May you be the bird that sings in someone else’s life today and always. thisiswhatwewilldo_ap

~ bluekate











A Revelation, Tucked in a Box Left on the Herbert Davies Memorial Bridge: Day Seven

I love this so much.


This post is part of the Secret Messages Project.  Every day for thirty days, I’ll leave my words in places where they might be found — or might never be found at all.  I hope you’ll join me. 


The mockingbird
warbling in the bush
beneath my window —

surely he never
stops his mouth
to wonder —

Am I any good?  
Is this right?
Do I deserve
to sing?

The doe
doesn’t ask permission
to bound through the dusk.

The hawk doesn’t circle the mouse
tallying how many times
he’s succeeded
or failed —

He hunts because
he’s hungry,
as I am,

and the deer leaps
because she was born
with those legs,

and the mockingbird sings
because he’s overcome
by joy, joy, joy —

Oh, my God —

All this time You’ve been trying
to teach me.

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nothing kills a mood like rapid gun fire.

Hotlanta ~ they call it.  A city in the south, home of Gone With the Wind ~ “Ashley, Oh Ashley”, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines (insert heart here), Home Depot, etc.  Also the home to  many a NRA supporter and apparently a lot of Saturday night specials, six shooters and .44 Magnums.

Well, it was a Saturday night special for somebody the other night, as about 6 rounds were fired one right after the other in a beastly fashion.  I of course yell downstairs for someone to answer the door.  Right, funny. Yeah, this was not the UPS man.   So it seems, someone just got the wild notion to pop a few out ~ you know, show some love for the neighborhood.   Of course we all scurried about and peeked out the window.  Cop cars with strobe lights up and down the street, felt like I was watching for Santa, you know like Western Santa.

Was I scared?  Kind of, but not really (insert alarm beeping / being set in background here).  I live in a safe area, but it doesn’t matter where you live these days.  It’s crazy out there people. It’s times like these that you love your barking dog and you don’t shush him. Let him bark.  Loud.  All day.  Treats for barking. I still can’t help but wonder what the gun fire was about.  Someone just having fun?  Someone trying to scare somebody?   And what would have happened if someone had gotten hurt?

Luckily we all woke up the next morning to a gorgeous, sunny, gunfire free day.  Sometimes the best news is no news, and I was glad to see that we had not made the cover of the AJC.  Something inside of me told me that it was just for fun and that although an extreme mood killer ending to our seemingly perfect night, that everything happens for a reason.

As I listened to My Morning Jacket the next day singing, “Smokin’ from Shootin'”, I realized, sometimes our attention is needed right about the time we are about to make a decision that might leave us a bit confused in the end.  I personally would prefer something a little more discreet and less alarming, …firecrackers maybe?  I don’t know but I do know that the next day was a great one and my mind was confusion free.


Here’s to the pistol shootin’ Annie’s out there ~ As Bon Qui Qui would say, “Now don’t get crazy.”